Inspired by the character and history of the Hudson Valley, Keith turns reclaimed wood into beautifully crafted, custom designed furniture.  As an independent carpenter with 30+ years under his belt, Keith is a skilled woodworker and an informed builder.  He has an eye for wood that has a unique story and selects material that embodies the character of the Hudson Valley.  The hours spent pulling nails, cleaning boards, inspecting the grain, and researching the history all pay off in the finished product.  Keith’s work is carefully designed and finely crafted.


“We are privileged to live in the Hudson Valley with its rich history and culture, dating back 400 years. Re-purposing old barn wood is a celebration and appreciation of that history.”


Building Principles:

  • Boards are cleaned and reclaimed by hand.  Some timbers have original peg holes that accent the fine joinery of the original barns.
  • The history of New York’s Hudson Valley is visible in the unique markings of each piece.  Some of the wood is old growth from virgin forests when our ancestors settled the Hudson Valley.
  • Balance the use of current technology with IMG_3817
    our shared past of the natural environment.
  • Environmentally friendly water based, insect based or alcohol based finishes applied by brush highlight the natural beauty of the wood
  • Furniture should be built to maximize longevity and purpose
  • Keith works hard to fit each customers individual preferences and needs
  • 5% of all sales are donated to the local food shelf

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Check out the custom furniture page to see some of Keith’s most recent work.

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  1. Bob Agnetti says:

    Awesome site and furniture…. Just like the craftsman !


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